Starting Your Private Label Skincare Line

Starting skincare can be a complicated process, but it doesn’t have to be. This article will break down the process of private label and white label skincare into few simple steps. 

The demand for effective skincare increases yearly. The global skincare market is expected to reach near $200 billion by 2025. It is indicating that the market is still looking for fresh, effective skincare.  


Here are four steps to starting your skincare line: 


Creating What the Market Demands:


The number one mistake that entrepreneurs and small business owners make is to assume that everyone demands what they demand in a product. While you may be right about a product you like, it is always wise to consider your audience before creating a skincare line. The demand for natural and clean skincare has skyrocketed in the past four years. 



Creating The Brand: 


When it comes to creating a skincare line, there are two ways to go about it. The first way is Privat Label Skincare, which is designed to create a product from scratch. This way will give you the most flexibility and freedom. Private Label Skincare Program allows you to create a formula from scratch, customize a formula, or reverse formulate another effective product. This program also offers a variety of packaging options that are not available for the white label program. All that being said, Private Label requires a higher minimum order quantity (MOQ). The quantities start anywhere from 1000 units to 5000 units minimum depending on the product. 

White Label Skincare allows you to put your label on an in-house formula. This option is best to test the market with your brand and grown into a private label option gradually. This option is best for small investments. The downside to the white label skincare program is that it is restricted to in-house formulas and limited packaging options. 


Picking Your Price Point:


Although the private label Skincare program allows you to have the lowest price point, it might turn out to a medium to large investment due to higher MOQ. The White Label program will enable you to start with a limited budget but might have a higher price point per product. Pick one that is right for you.



Choosing A Good Manufacturer: 


When picking a manufacturer, focus on these points: 

  1. Make sure they are clean and natural skincare Manufacturer. 
  2. Look for parabens and harsh chemicals. The natural skincare market is in high demand right now. 
  3. Make sure your manufacturer shares your vision and willing to grow with you. Do not fall for a sales pitch. Ask the right questions. 

In conclusion, creating your skincare line can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. CLM Group Private Label Skincare makes all these processes super easy for you. They are the leading skincare manufacturer with decades of experience creating custom brands of skincare. 


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How to create your own skincare line